Blogging is hard. Also, my current skin care routine.

Man, blogging is hard. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about beauty products, but this is hard work. Especially if you haven’t done it in a while. And I feel guilty about not sticking with it.

I had fallen off trail a month ago because I started working again.

You see, in early October I was dismissed from my job and I panicked and started thinking about what should I do next. I started this blog. I did my best to post all month long in October and plan ahead and think how to go about it. But then at the end of October I had gotten my job back and I promised myself to keep blogging, keep writing posts after work and early in the morning before work.

But then I also started the new Imbold project and I wasn’t able to do everything well so I stopped blogging and it’s been bugging me with each day passing by and not posting.

So I feel guilty. I hope I can get over it and get through my list of posts that I’ve come up with until the end of the year. Balancing it all is hard.


As I go through my morning and night ritual of cleansing and applying products I think in my head about them, what I like, what I don’t, I go about reviewing them in the back of my head, but then when it’s time to write it down, it doesn’t come as easily. Maybe I should YouTube about them, but I’m afraid to do it. It would be easier and faster, I’ll tell you that.

I clean my face morning and evening with a wash cloth. See here – Caroline Hirons.  She is the expert on all things related to skincare and her simple but effective blog is full of great tips, advice and recommendations on good skincare. Do yourself a favor and check her out.(this last quote is just something she would say – true connoisseurs would know what I mean)

In the morning I switch between these two I am currently using. I like the Vichy one a lot, I like the subtle smell, oily runny texture and I tend to use it more in the mornings and second as I take my makeup off, so I can really feel it on my skin, although I do think its good at taking off makeup, provided you use it twice, of course.

The second cleanser I use is the Amazing balm from Douglas. I  wouldn’t normally buy this, but back in October they had a sale on their entire Beauty system (I think they also have it right now) and I wanted to try something from the range, seeing as I needed a toner and a cleanser. The info paper that came with it says it can be used as a moisturiser, mask and a Sos balm, but I wouldn’t leave it on my face for long. It’s OK to rub it on and wipe it away but no more than that. I just don’t particularly like it, neither the scent or the texture. Luckily I’m running out soon.

I do not use the Vichy or the Douglas cleanser on my eyes, even if they say they are ophthalomogically – (I sure as hell checked the spelling on this one) tested. I just don’t like that oil/foam/water feeling in my eyes. Instead I use the classic Bioderma which I use exclusively to take off eye makeup and maybe a stained lip.

The Clean & Neat Calming toner from Douglas, I also do not like that much and haven’t used much as you can see. Again, it’s the scent mainly. And even though I chose the one with no alcohol I still do not feel it has much effect on my skin. I did however purchase an acid toner on sale for Black Friday weekend,which I will talk about soon, that I feel, as far as I’ve used it, isn’t completely useless.

Next up comes treatment – the La Roche Posay Rosaliac AR intense which I apply on my nose and cheeks and a bit on my forehead. It has bit of a scent to it. I think what may have caused my redness is my past love for coffee scrubs and no SPF knowledge. I just want my redness to go away and be able to wear blush and red lipstick because right now if I apply blush it’s like I went all over my face with it. Of course there’s always CC creams and concealer but why not try to heal my skin? I’m almost running out now and as far as I’ve used it it does seem that my redness is less visible/ my skin less aggravated. It takes time people.

The Aqualia Thermal Baume Eveil Regard is my first eye cream ever, I have to say, shamefully. I use it day and night dabbing it carefully and going in circles with it around the eyes. Also, I’ve recently came across this video about the fact that using micellar water on your eyes might cause the skin to dry out. It would make sense, so after removing my eye makeup I do rinse them with plain water. You know, just in case.


My Avene moisturizer is probably the first skin care product I have bought. I like the texture, the smell, the SPF, the price.

First ever, newly purchased face oil – L’Oreal Paris Nutri Gold Extraordinary. It may not be my most desired Clarins Huille de Lotus but for a budget face oil I like it. It’s 40 Ron right now at eMAG (that’s where I got it – I have not seen it anywhere else) and I love that it smells like an Italian garden. It says it contains 8 essential oils which sounds great to me. I use it in the evening to massage my face and also add it to my Avene moisturizer before applying foundation in the morning, just a couple of drops. It makes it smell heavenly. Plus it’s great for this harsh weather to have this extra layer to protect the skin.

Now, I know this is a budget skin care, but it’s the one I can afford now and I’m happy to have it.


Christmas wish list


Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes

I love Sali Hughes. She is a lovely British writer and journalist that writes about beauty in a no bullshit manner. I love her Saturday Guardian column and look forward to it every week. Also, you should take a look at her very useful Beauty tips videos.  Pretty Honest is her first book and although she does have coming out just now her second book, Pretty Iconic , I was drawn more to her first publication because of her makeup and beauty tips and suggestions on different occasions. From the excerpts I have managed to find online I look forward to reading all the smart stories she has written and I know it will make a great coffee table read. You can also find Sali here and check her website Sali Hughes



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Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream fig leaf scented

Can there be a more deliciously scented hand cream out there? You all know by now, as this is no big news,  Clarins did three limited edition scented versions of the legendary Hand & Nail Treatment Cream: Orange Leaf, White Tea Leaf and the amazingly delicious Fig Leaf. Yum.  It is a bit expensive in my books for a hand cream, but so are all the Clarins products and I really want to treat my hands this Christmas and get it. You can find it at Douglas as they have not been selling that well, but all the better for me 😉

Find it online while it still exists here

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil

As you’ve probably heard, face oil helps your complexion if massaged gently usually before bed, or as some prefer, adding a few drops to their daily moisturizer. I have tested it at Sephora, and as all natural oils and serums, it does not smell that great but it does mean it doesn’t have all the nasty perfumes and ingredients. I’m looking forward to trying it and I’ll let you know what I think. You can find it at Sephora and online at Douglas. 

Find it here

Caudalíe Eau de Beauté / Beauty Elixir

I know summer has passed and you are not hot and sweaty enough to use this, but this is more than just a refreshing spritzer. It’s a beauty staple. I have tried it once at a friends’ house and since then it’s been on my wish list. I just haven’t gotten around to buying it. Use it as a toner after cleansing – if you need a reason. I don’t need a reason.

Find it here

Real Techniques Brushes

There is no need for an explanation here. I’ve been watching Pixiwoo video for two years now and they’ve convinced me – I need those brushes. Luckily we have the only Makeup Shop in Romania – they sell them here in Iasi and I don’t even need to purchase them online, I can just go and buy them myself. I need the blush brush – not that I wear blush :), the setting brush, and the expert face brush – or I could just get the Ultimate base set. I don’t know yet. We’ll see.

Find them here

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Interior design and me, a love story…

I am a former art student and while at university – I studied fashion design- I experimented with a little bit of everything: graphic design, illustration, painting, textile design and I’m interested in all creative, artistic endeavors. As such, the transition towards this came quite natural. As with everything new, you have to do the work yourself and research how and what. That’s what I did.

I transitioned from fashion design to interior design after a three month experience at a local firm that sold curtains and other interior decoration. What I loved most about it was getting to visit houses and advising the client based on their home style. It was fun.

I wanted to do more than just advise on textiles for curtains – although I have to admit they did have/probably still have fine ass textiles -. I wanted to be able to create and furnish a room/house from 0, to have a saying in regard to the “artistic” direction, the mood, the style and so forth.

Me and my friend came up with Imbold design just over a year ago and although it does not seem like much experience, I can say- at least on my behalf, that I learnt a lot between our first two projects.

The first project was the LR apartment. This one room apartment is located in the center of Iasi, Romania in a new building, on the 8th floor and has a great view over the city. It was intended to be rented on Airbnb and is currently the first apartment on the list of apartments to rent in Iasi, with over 30 guests since February 2016.

We started from 0, as the building and the apartments were just being built. We tried to maximize the space, keeping it clear and airy, furnishing it with just the bare basic furniture pieces and household appliances.

The owner wanted it to look modern and young while also keeping in mind that we had a budget to stick to. Our color scheme was made out of grey hues, white, blue and neon yellow accents. Most of the furniture is from Ikea, save for the couch, carpet, chairs and the kitchen, which we designed to be used in such a small space. Our favorite space has to be the bathroom, because of the contrast between the grey and yellow.

{dinning table area}
{living room}


{lounge / sleeping area}
{see what I meant by great curtain materials?}
{smallest kitchen area}
{neon accents}

Photographs: Rafael Racaru Photography

Do you like it?


Ce treaba am eu cu design-ul de interior, you ask?

Fosta studenta la arte fiind (am studiat design-ul vestimentar), am avut ocazia (si timpul necesar) sa experimentez cate un pic si cu grafica, ilustratia, pictura, design-ul textile s.a.m.d.,toate domeniile fiind foarte interesante. De aceea tranzitia de la moda la designul de interior nu a fost cea mai dificila.

Ca tot omul care doreste sa invete lucrurile noi, mai ales in this day and age cand avem toata informatia available,  te apuci frumos si te documentezi ce si cum, si daca iti place inveti cum se procedeaza.

Mi-am dat seama ca vreau sa ma reprofilez dupa experienta mea de trei luni la o firma specializata pe confectionarea si vinzarea de perdele si draperii, dar si alte obiecte decorative. Cele mai interesante erau vizitele acasa la clienti pentru ca aveam ocazia sa vad cum sunt decorate casele acestora si sa le ofer sfaturi in functie de stilul stabilit.

Dar voiam sa ma ocup mai in detaliu de amenajare si decorare, nu doar in materie de perdele si draperii. Voiam sa pot decora de la 0, urmarind un stil anume, sa trec prin toti pasii s.a.m.d..

Impreuna cu prietena mea, am venit cu idea de a porni proiectul nostru Imbold Design in Octombrie 2015. Desi nu pare ca am aveam experienta destula, pot spune, macar in ceea ce ma priveste ca am invatat multe lucruri in urma primelor nostre proiecte.

Primul proiect – LR este un apartament cu o camera localizat in centrul orasului Iasi, intr-un bloc nou. Scopul acestuia a fost sa fie dat spre inchiriere pe Airbnb si momentan este primul apartament care apare atunci cand cauti sedere prin Airbnb in Iasi. Feeling good.

Am preluat apartamentul din stadiul de inceput si am urmarit sa nu il aglomeram si sa il mobilam doar cu acele piese necesare. Proprietara isi dorea ca acesta sa fie decorat in stil modern si sa nu depasim bugetul alocat – as they all do. Paleta cromatica este formata din gri-uri, alb, albastru si acente de galben neon. Majoritatea pieselor de mobila au fost achizitionate de la good ol’ Ikea, mai putin canapeaua, covorul, scaunele si mobila de bucatarie care a fost facuta la comanda pentru bucataria mica. Spatiu nostru preferat ramane baia datorita contrastului dintre faianta gri si chitul galben.

A thing or two about dm-drogerie markt



{current dm products I use}

dm Drogerie Markt

I’m a bit obsessed with dm and have been for a while now.

Here are a few things I like about shopping there and some of their products that I think are worth mentioning:

  1. I really like the fruity shower gels and hand wash gels.

I think you shouldn’t and I wouldn’t personally spend a fortune on body care. I think you should primarily spend your money on your face, then hair, then your body. I like a cheap shower gel. But that’s just me. Since this spring I’ve been obsessed with these shower gels as when the warmth hits, I long for citrusy, tonic body washes that invigorate my morning shower. The ones from dm are super affordable and last long, and I tend to buy a few of them at once and switch between them. I particularly love the ginger and lemon scented shower gel, yum.

  1. Good quality hair brushes, hair combs, dry shampoo, makeup brushes and makeup accessories. I love the hair brushes in particular, as they come in so many types and sizes, with different types of bristles. They also have a Tangle teezer dupe.
  1. Affordable face masks – so far I’ve tried the SkinLite sheet masks and they make me feel pampered. They have different types for different purposes and I always get one when I’m there.
  1. Certain foreign brands that you can only order online.

I don’t know about you but I tend to shy away from online shopping. Not that I’ve never done it before, it’s just that I get annoyed with the delivery service. It always arrives late and two times I’ve had the pleasure of having to go pick up my products from their storehouse as the delivery guy said ”I can’t make it, you have to come pick it up yourself”. Plus there’s the delivery fee.

So I get excited that dm has products like:

Palmers – the face oil in particular, I’ve heard is really great and does wonders to the skin. It’s one of the more affordable face oils out there. They also have body products.

Lavera moisturizing cream – unfortunately right now it’s the only product from the brand, but fingers crossed they might bring more products from the brand. I would love to be able to purchase face products from them.

I got to test out a Lavera body cream – orange scented, and a rose shower gel a couple of months ago and since then I’ve fallen in love with the brand, and started to look more into their products. They also do natural cosmetics.

Several Nivea and Dove products you don’t usually find in the supermarkets, I love… shower gels and body butters, St Moriz self-tanning lotions – different kinds, Bio Oil – which you now can find in supermarkets and pharmacies but it has not always been the case, Le petit Marseillais products.

  1. Travel size products for hair, body, face etc. Anything you want they got it.
  2. Maybelline, L’oreal, Maxfactor, Rimmel test boots. Love love love.

I just wish they had a card membership. 🙂

Sunt usor obsedata de magazinul dm de ceva vreme.

Mai jos sunt enumerate cateva motive, cel putin in my book, pentru care imi face placere sa fac  cumparaturi acolo si cateva produse care merita mentionate:

  1. Gelurile de dus tutti frutti  🙂 si sapunurile lichide de maini.

In principiu consider ca consider ca nu merita sa cheltui o gramada de bani pe ingrijirea corpului. Cred ca prioritare sunt tenul, parul si apoi pielea corpului. Prefer un gel de dus ieftin. That’s just me. Inca din primavera trecuta, cand a inceput sa dea caldura am inceput sa tot adun aceste geluri de dus “fructate”, “citrice”, “tonice” pentru ca erau revigorante, tin mult si bine si au preturi foarte accesibile. Mi-am cumparat mai multe deodata, le foloseam cand unul cand altul, iar preferatul meu a ramas cel cu aroma de lamaie si ghimbir. Delicios.:)

  1. Perii de par, piepteni de par, dry shampoo, pensule de machiaj si accesorii de foarte buna calitate. La periile de par am ramas cu gandul si acum si urmeaza sa mai achizitionez una doua. Au disponibile o gama variata de perii de diferite dimensiuni si tipuri de peri. Exista si acel tip de perie duplicat dupa Tangle Teezer.


3. Mastile de fata la preturi accesibile ca cele de la SkinLite. Gama are diferite tipuri de masti pentru toate tipurile de ten si problemele, pentru un mic rasfat facial la sfarsit de saptamana.

4. Unele marci din afara care nu se gasesc decat online.

Nu stiu care e treaba cu voi, dar eu nu ma avant la cumparaturile online prea tare, in mare parte din cauza serviciului de curierat, oricare ar fi el. Intotdeauna se intampla sa intarzie comanda si de doua ori mi s-a intamplat sa trebuiasca sa merg sa imi ridic singura produsele de la depozit, din motivul ca tipul fara maniere domnul cu coletul nu mai ajungea la adresa mea. In plus  e si taxa de transport.

De aceea imi place sa vad ca la dm gasesc produse ca:

Palmers – indeosebi uleiul de fata de la ei, despre care am auzit numai lucruri bune, fiind unul dintre cele mai accesibile uleiuri de fata de pe piata.

Crema hidratanta Lavera, care este singurul produs de la ei disponibil momentan la dm. Sper ca vor aduce si alte produse de la ei, m-ar interesa in special cele pentru ingrijirea tenului. Am avut ocazia sa testez o crema de corp si un gel de dus Lavera, si de atunci m-am documentat si am aflat ca fac si cosmetice naturale, organice, all that. Super.

Cateva produse de la Dove si Nivea care nu se gasesc nicaieri in magazine la noi, geluri de dus si body butter-urile de la I love…, lotiune autobronzanta St. Moriz,  Bio Oilcare daca acum se gaseste in farmacii si magazine pana de curand nu era cazul, gelurile de dus  Le petit Marseillais.

  1. Mini produse, perfecte pentru luat in calatorii.
  1. Maybelline, L’oreal, Maxfactor, Rimmel test boots. Love love love.


De ar exista si un card de fidelitate dm




This October marks one year since I went and had a semi permanent manicure for the first time. I’ve been going every month or so since then.

I was skeptical at first, of course. I didn’t want to look like a diva wearing the nails, like a bimbo. I thought it would make me look shallow and stupid and I didn’t want to draw attention to my hands. But as it goes, you do actually use your hands every day and people see them, so you might as well wear a great color rather than nothing at all, or worse having chipped nails or uneven lengths and so on.

My sister had been seeing this woman who does manicures and she invited me to go and check her out. After much hesitation I finally said yes and she made an appointment for both me and my friend to go have our first semi permanent manicures.

It takes about an hour, depending on the shape and design you want. The first time me and my friend went we had a square shaped nail and of course, a nude color. Some sort of a cream nude. We loved it. It did not draw attention at all, but our nails looked even, clean and done up. Afterwards the design changed, we went for bolder colors, prints and even changed the shape. Crazy, I know.

They say once it starts to grow, after about two weeks, you should get a fresh set, but I say you can sport them longer than that. And I actually do. I once had them for a month and a half with no problem, but eventually the tips start to crack and it looks unclean and its starts to bug me. So I go see the woman, Elena.

As I’ve said, I’ve been going to her ever since. I like that you don’t have to worry about them for 2-3 weeks, I like that she has loads of designs, colors and patterns, I love that I can change the shape of my nails. If I spot a design I like on instagram, or anywhere else, I bring it with me and she is more than happy to do that.

I’ll never get bored with this. I already have a few photos in my phone for my next appointment. I don’t know, maybe I get excited too easily, but I love it.

This is just me, some people may prefer regular nail polish, and I respect that. It’s fun to be able to change your nail color as you please. I would do my own manicure but I am just not very good at doing that, as I always mess up when I try to do so. I know a lot of girls that prefer a gel manicure. Personally I don’t think I would do that as long as my nails are tough and strong.


What do you prefer? Are you good at doing your own manicure, and prefer a regular manicure? Do you have and like a semi permanent one? Or do you like a gel one?
Let me know.



Luna aceasta se implineste un an de cand am fost sa imi fac pentru prima data manichiura cu oja semipermanenta. Din Octombrie 2015 si pana acum, am tot mers in fiecare luna la Elena.

La inceput am ezitat pentru ca mi se parea superficial, nu voiam sa par genul ala de fata care se preocupa de unghiutele ei. In plus nu voiam sa atrag atentia asupra mainilor mele. Dar daca stai sa te gandesti mai bine, oricum mainile sunt tot timpul la vedere si deci e mai bine sa ai unghiile facute decat sa fie inegale si neingrijite. It makes a whole lot of difference.

Surioara mea draguta ne-a facut programare, mie si prietenei mele la un salon de manichiura si that was it.

Dureaza in jur de o ora, in functie de forma si modelul dorit. Prima data cand am fost, am vrut o forma patrata si o culoare clasica, un nud. Eram speriate de bombe amandoua. Ne-a placut pentru ca nu atragea atentia si unghiile erau curate, ingrijite. Apoi treptat forma, culorile si modelul s-au tot schimbat.

In principiu manichiura tine doua trei saptamani dar eu le-am purtat si mai mult de atat. Au rezistat si o luna si jumatate, dar dupa o vreme varfurile se ciobesc si nu mai arata bine.

Cum am mentionat mai sus, ma duc in fiecare luna la ea, pentru ca manichiura cu oja semipermanenta imi permite sa nu imi fac griji in legatura cu unghiile mele pentru 2-3 saptamani, are multe culori si multe stampile, imi pot schimba forma unghiilor de la patrata la rotunda (desigur, daca le las sa creasca destul) si daca gasesc vreun model interesant, i-l arat si mi-l face cu cea mai mare placere.

Nu cred ca o sa ma plictisesc vreodata de asta, imi pregatesc inainte de fiecare programare modelul sau modelele dorite si ma entuziasmez maxim cand stiu ca urmeaza sa o vizitez. Crazy, I know.

Stiu fete care prefera o manichiura normala, care isi fac singure manichiura acasa si isi schimba culoarea de la zi la zi. Bravo lor. As face si eu daca m-as pricepe si nu m-as enerva de fiecare data cand incerc sa ma dau cu oja pe unghiile de la mana dreapta. Cunosc multe fete care prefera unghiile cu gel. Bravo lor. Keep at it. Eu nu cred ca as incerca atat timp cat unghiile mele sunt tari si sanatoase si imi permit sa imi fac manichiura care imi place.

Tu ce preferi? Te pricepi sa iti faci singura manichiura? Preferi o manichiura semipermanenta sau una cu gel?
Let me know.


“…this lack of “starting” is attributed to two stupid things: perfectionism and fear.”

I found this amazing inspiring post from Emily Henderson.


If you don’t know who she is, I urge you to go check her out as she is a wise, savvy, creative interior designer/ business woman/ so much more.

Her advice on just starting something, anything, doing the first step towards what you want to achieve is  more than helpful as I am just starting out with this blog, trying to figure out what exactly do I want this to be about and not be crippled with the fear of failure.

See you soon with more posts, hopefully!

Vichy beauty kit giveaway

Acum doua saptamani am aflat de la Denisa, blogger la Fashion in my eyes printre altele, de oferta de la Vichy – cea cu kitul de mostre gratuit valabil in limita stocului disponibil in farmaciile partenere pana la 31 Octombrie.

Sunt 4 chituri diferite in functie de tipul de ten, Aqualia Thermal – pentru hidratare , Idealia – pentru iluminare, Liftactiv – pentru ridurile profunde si Neovadiol pentru tenul matur. Kit-urile contin si cate un voucher in valoare de 20 de lei care poate fi folosit in farmaciile partenere pentru achizitionarea unor produse de la Vichy – lista produselor se afla pe spatele voucherului.

Eu am aflat tarziu de aceasta promotie <poate si voi sunteti in aceeasi stuatie?>, dar am reusit sa gasesc un kit Idealia cu mostre pe care inca le folosesc momentan in ritualul meu de ingriire.

In kit am gasit o mostra de fond de ten pe care inca nu am apucat sa o folosesc, o mostra de crema pentru ochi Idealia, care deja nu mai exista din ziua 1, si doua mici mici mostre de crema Idealia. Crema e Ok, dar are un miros un pic prea puternic pentru mine, lucru care l-am constatat si in cazul balsamului pentru ochi Aqualia Thermal. This would be the downfall. Despre serumul hidratant de la Aqualia Thermal am auzit numai lucruri bune, ca isi face treaba si hidrateaza tenul iar pretul este unul mai mult decat ok pentru ceea ce ofera. Astept sa il incerc si pe el soon.

Desigur, am folosit acel voucher si am achizitionat balsamul pentru zona ochilor din gama Aqualia Thermal pentru ca imi doream de mult o crema pentru zona ochilor. Dupa multe cercetari pe internet – in principiu aplicatia eMAG, <nu stiu daca si voi procedati asa> am ajuns la concluzia ca utilizand voucherul , voi iesi cel mai ieftin, si anume pretul acestui balsam a fost in final 62.20 lei fata de 67.50 lei daca l-as fi achizitionat de la eMAG.
Good job.



Two weeks ago, Denisa from Fashion in my eyes posted about the giveaway from Vichy – a beauty care kit with different samples – moisturizer, eye cream and foundation, available in selected drugstores until the 31st of October.

Aqualia Thermal – for deep moisturizing, Idealia – for a luminous skin, Liftactiv – for stubborn wrinkles and Neovadiol for mature skin were the four types of ranges provided in the giveaway. Each kit also comes with a 20 lei voucher to spend on other Vichy beauty care products.

I found out later on about this giveaway but it did not stop me and I managed to find my preferred kit, the Idealia one, which I still use to this day.
The day cream does its’ job, but I find it to have a strong scent, which I don’t like in skin care. The same thing I noticed about the eye balm from the Aqualia Thermal range, which I bought using my 20 lei voucher. In regards to the moisturizing serum from the Aqualia Thermal range I heard only great news as it has great reviews and people say it does what it promises, so I’m looking forward to trying that one out.
Using that voucher was convenient as I paid a good price for it, cheaper than eMAG, where I usually get all my products.
Good deal overall.


Just another beauty/lifestyle blog?


Probabil. Vom vedea.

Vanilla N52 is my color.

As vrea sa vorbesc despre fond de ten, si anume cel pe care il folosesc momentan, cel de la Bourjois Healthy mix. Chiar ieri mi-a ajuns comanda de la eMAG, doar el. Nuanta N52 o urmaream de ceva vreme pe aplicatie dar era indisponibila pana saptamana trecuta. Ieri am adus-o acasa si azi am folosit-o. Vanilla N52 is my color. Pana acuma foloseam N53, care era un pic prea inchisa dar o intindeam bine peste pielea rosie de pe nas si obraji si ma asiguram ca acopar si piele de pe gat si nu era asa vizibila diferenta. Eu stiu ca fondul de ten nu exista ca sa iti dea culoare pielii, ci ca sa uniformizeze tenul. Culoare adaugi prin blush, pudra, bronzer etc. So now I know I have the right shade.

Imi place textura, nu mi se pare ca se vede deloc pe fata, nu imi ridica puful/firele de par de pe fata si miroase bine. E clasat printre cele mai bune fonduri de ten atunci cand nu ai un buget enorm pentru machiaj si cosmetice. Vezi Lisa Elridge, Pixiwoo.

In perioada asta nu folosesc pensula ca sa il aplic, folosesc degetele si functioneaza perfect.

Probably. We shall see and see we shall.

Vanilla N52 is my color.

Today I want to talk about foundation, that is, the one I’m using at the moment, the Bourjois Healthy mix foundation. It had arrived yesterday and the shade N52 had been discontinued on the eMAG app until last week. Yesterday I brought it home, finally and today I am using it. My precious. Vanilla N52 is my color. I used to use N53 which was a shade darker but I made it work over my red nose and cheeks and going down the neck so you couldn’t notice it. The job of the foundation is to even out the skin, not give you color. For that you have blusher, bronzer, powder. So now I know I have the right shade.

I love the texture, you cannot see it on the face if you buff it well and it layers perfectly. It smells great and it does not not make my hairs visibly stand up. It’s considered among st the best budget foundations out there. See Lisa Elridge, Pixiwoo.

I used to use a foundation brush to put it on but recently I use my fingers and it works perfectly.

1st blog post. That’s it, that’s all.