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Probabil. Vom vedea.

Vanilla N52 is my color.

As vrea sa vorbesc despre fond de ten, si anume cel pe care il folosesc momentan, cel de la Bourjois Healthy mix. Chiar ieri mi-a ajuns comanda de la eMAG, doar el. Nuanta N52 o urmaream de ceva vreme pe aplicatie dar era indisponibila pana saptamana trecuta. Ieri am adus-o acasa si azi am folosit-o. Vanilla N52 is my color. Pana acuma foloseam N53, care era un pic prea inchisa dar o intindeam bine peste pielea rosie de pe nas si obraji si ma asiguram ca acopar si piele de pe gat si nu era asa vizibila diferenta. Eu stiu ca fondul de ten nu exista ca sa iti dea culoare pielii, ci ca sa uniformizeze tenul. Culoare adaugi prin blush, pudra, bronzer etc. So now I know I have the right shade.

Imi place textura, nu mi se pare ca se vede deloc pe fata, nu imi ridica puful/firele de par de pe fata si miroase bine. E clasat printre cele mai bune fonduri de ten atunci cand nu ai un buget enorm pentru machiaj si cosmetice. Vezi Lisa Elridge, Pixiwoo.

In perioada asta nu folosesc pensula ca sa il aplic, folosesc degetele si functioneaza perfect.

Probably. We shall see and see we shall.

Vanilla N52 is my color.

Today I want to talk about foundation, that is, the one I’m using at the moment, the Bourjois Healthy mix foundation. It had arrived yesterday and the shade N52 had been discontinued on the eMAG app until last week. Yesterday I brought it home, finally and today I am using it. My precious. Vanilla N52 is my color. I used to use N53 which was a shade darker but I made it work over my red nose and cheeks and going down the neck so you couldn’t notice it. The job of the foundation is to even out the skin, not give you color. For that you have blusher, bronzer, powder. So now I know I have the right shade.

I love the texture, you cannot see it on the face if you buff it well and it layers perfectly. It smells great and it does not not make my hairs visibly stand up. It’s considered among st the best budget foundations out there. See Lisa Elridge, Pixiwoo.

I used to use a foundation brush to put it on but recently I use my fingers and it works perfectly.

1st blog post. That’s it, that’s all.


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