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This October marks one year since I went and had a semi permanent manicure for the first time. I’ve been going every month or so since then.

I was skeptical at first, of course. I didn’t want to look like a diva wearing the nails, like a bimbo. I thought it would make me look shallow and stupid and I didn’t want to draw attention to my hands. But as it goes, you do actually use your hands every day and people see them, so you might as well wear a great color rather than nothing at all, or worse having chipped nails or uneven lengths and so on.

My sister had been seeing this woman who does manicures and she invited me to go and check her out. After much hesitation I finally said yes and she made an appointment for both me and my friend to go have our first semi permanent manicures.

It takes about an hour, depending on the shape and design you want. The first time me and my friend went we had a square shaped nail and of course, a nude color. Some sort of a cream nude. We loved it. It did not draw attention at all, but our nails looked even, clean and done up. Afterwards the design changed, we went for bolder colors, prints and even changed the shape. Crazy, I know.

They say once it starts to grow, after about two weeks, you should get a fresh set, but I say you can sport them longer than that. And I actually do. I once had them for a month and a half with no problem, but eventually the tips start to crack and it looks unclean and its starts to bug me. So I go see the woman, Elena.

As I’ve said, I’ve been going to her ever since. I like that you don’t have to worry about them for 2-3 weeks, I like that she has loads of designs, colors and patterns, I love that I can change the shape of my nails. If I spot a design I like on instagram, or anywhere else, I bring it with me and she is more than happy to do that.

I’ll never get bored with this. I already have a few photos in my phone for my next appointment. I don’t know, maybe I get excited too easily, but I love it.

This is just me, some people may prefer regular nail polish, and I respect that. It’s fun to be able to change your nail color as you please. I would do my own manicure but I am just not very good at doing that, as I always mess up when I try to do so. I know a lot of girls that prefer a gel manicure. Personally I don’t think I would do that as long as my nails are tough and strong.


What do you prefer? Are you good at doing your own manicure, and prefer a regular manicure? Do you have and like a semi permanent one? Or do you like a gel one?
Let me know.



Luna aceasta se implineste un an de cand am fost sa imi fac pentru prima data manichiura cu oja semipermanenta. Din Octombrie 2015 si pana acum, am tot mers in fiecare luna la Elena.

La inceput am ezitat pentru ca mi se parea superficial, nu voiam sa par genul ala de fata care se preocupa de unghiutele ei. In plus nu voiam sa atrag atentia asupra mainilor mele. Dar daca stai sa te gandesti mai bine, oricum mainile sunt tot timpul la vedere si deci e mai bine sa ai unghiile facute decat sa fie inegale si neingrijite. It makes a whole lot of difference.

Surioara mea draguta ne-a facut programare, mie si prietenei mele la un salon de manichiura si that was it.

Dureaza in jur de o ora, in functie de forma si modelul dorit. Prima data cand am fost, am vrut o forma patrata si o culoare clasica, un nud. Eram speriate de bombe amandoua. Ne-a placut pentru ca nu atragea atentia si unghiile erau curate, ingrijite. Apoi treptat forma, culorile si modelul s-au tot schimbat.

In principiu manichiura tine doua trei saptamani dar eu le-am purtat si mai mult de atat. Au rezistat si o luna si jumatate, dar dupa o vreme varfurile se ciobesc si nu mai arata bine.

Cum am mentionat mai sus, ma duc in fiecare luna la ea, pentru ca manichiura cu oja semipermanenta imi permite sa nu imi fac griji in legatura cu unghiile mele pentru 2-3 saptamani, are multe culori si multe stampile, imi pot schimba forma unghiilor de la patrata la rotunda (desigur, daca le las sa creasca destul) si daca gasesc vreun model interesant, i-l arat si mi-l face cu cea mai mare placere.

Nu cred ca o sa ma plictisesc vreodata de asta, imi pregatesc inainte de fiecare programare modelul sau modelele dorite si ma entuziasmez maxim cand stiu ca urmeaza sa o vizitez. Crazy, I know.

Stiu fete care prefera o manichiura normala, care isi fac singure manichiura acasa si isi schimba culoarea de la zi la zi. Bravo lor. As face si eu daca m-as pricepe si nu m-as enerva de fiecare data cand incerc sa ma dau cu oja pe unghiile de la mana dreapta. Cunosc multe fete care prefera unghiile cu gel. Bravo lor. Keep at it. Eu nu cred ca as incerca atat timp cat unghiile mele sunt tari si sanatoase si imi permit sa imi fac manichiura care imi place.

Tu ce preferi? Te pricepi sa iti faci singura manichiura? Preferi o manichiura semipermanenta sau una cu gel?
Let me know.