Christmas wish list


Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes

I love Sali Hughes. She is a lovely British writer and journalist that writes about beauty in a no bullshit manner. I love her Saturday Guardian column and look forward to it every week. Also, you should take a look at her very useful Beauty tips videos.  Pretty Honest is her first book and although she does have coming out just now her second book, Pretty Iconic , I was drawn more to her first publication because of her makeup and beauty tips and suggestions on different occasions. From the excerpts I have managed to find online I look forward to reading all the smart stories she has written and I know it will make a great coffee table read. You can also find Sali here and check her website Sali Hughes



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Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream fig leaf scented

Can there be a more deliciously scented hand cream out there? You all know by now, as this is no big news,  Clarins did three limited edition scented versions of the legendary Hand & Nail Treatment Cream: Orange Leaf, White Tea Leaf and the amazingly delicious Fig Leaf. Yum.  It is a bit expensive in my books for a hand cream, but so are all the Clarins products and I really want to treat my hands this Christmas and get it. You can find it at Douglas as they have not been selling that well, but all the better for me 😉

Find it online while it still exists here

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil

As you’ve probably heard, face oil helps your complexion if massaged gently usually before bed, or as some prefer, adding a few drops to their daily moisturizer. I have tested it at Sephora, and as all natural oils and serums, it does not smell that great but it does mean it doesn’t have all the nasty perfumes and ingredients. I’m looking forward to trying it and I’ll let you know what I think. You can find it at Sephora and online at Douglas. 

Find it here

Caudalíe Eau de Beauté / Beauty Elixir

I know summer has passed and you are not hot and sweaty enough to use this, but this is more than just a refreshing spritzer. It’s a beauty staple. I have tried it once at a friends’ house and since then it’s been on my wish list. I just haven’t gotten around to buying it. Use it as a toner after cleansing – if you need a reason. I don’t need a reason.

Find it here

Real Techniques Brushes

There is no need for an explanation here. I’ve been watching Pixiwoo video for two years now and they’ve convinced me – I need those brushes. Luckily we have the only Makeup Shop in Romania – they sell them here in Iasi and I don’t even need to purchase them online, I can just go and buy them myself. I need the blush brush – not that I wear blush :), the setting brush, and the expert face brush – or I could just get the Ultimate base set. I don’t know yet. We’ll see.

Find them here

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