Blogging is hard. Also, my current skin care routine.

Man, blogging is hard. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about beauty products, but this is hard work. Especially if you haven’t done it in a while. And I feel guilty about not sticking with it.

I had fallen off trail a month ago because I started working again.

You see, in early October I was dismissed from my job and I panicked and started thinking about what should I do next. I started this blog. I did my best to post all month long in October and plan ahead and think how to go about it. But then at the end of October I had gotten my job back and I promised myself to keep blogging, keep writing posts after work and early in the morning before work.

But then I also started the new Imbold project and I wasn’t able to do everything well so I stopped blogging and it’s been bugging me with each day passing by and not posting.

So I feel guilty. I hope I can get over it and get through my list of posts that I’ve come up with until the end of the year. Balancing it all is hard.


As I go through my morning and night ritual of cleansing and applying products I think in my head about them, what I like, what I don’t, I go about reviewing them in the back of my head, but then when it’s time to write it down, it doesn’t come as easily. Maybe I should YouTube about them, but I’m afraid to do it. It would be easier and faster, I’ll tell you that.

I clean my face morning and evening with a wash cloth. See here – Caroline Hirons.  She is the expert on all things related to skincare and her simple but effective blog is full of great tips, advice and recommendations on good skincare. Do yourself a favor and check her out.(this last quote is just something she would say – true connoisseurs would know what I mean)

In the morning I switch between these two I am currently using. I like the Vichy one a lot, I like the subtle smell, oily runny texture and I tend to use it more in the mornings and second as I take my makeup off, so I can really feel it on my skin, although I do think its good at taking off makeup, provided you use it twice, of course.

The second cleanser I use is the Amazing balm from Douglas. I  wouldn’t normally buy this, but back in October they had a sale on their entire Beauty system (I think they also have it right now) and I wanted to try something from the range, seeing as I needed a toner and a cleanser. The info paper that came with it says it can be used as a moisturiser, mask and a Sos balm, but I wouldn’t leave it on my face for long. It’s OK to rub it on and wipe it away but no more than that. I just don’t particularly like it, neither the scent or the texture. Luckily I’m running out soon.

I do not use the Vichy or the Douglas cleanser on my eyes, even if they say they are ophthalomogically – (I sure as hell checked the spelling on this one) tested. I just don’t like that oil/foam/water feeling in my eyes. Instead I use the classic Bioderma which I use exclusively to take off eye makeup and maybe a stained lip.

The Clean & Neat Calming toner from Douglas, I also do not like that much and haven’t used much as you can see. Again, it’s the scent mainly. And even though I chose the one with no alcohol I still do not feel it has much effect on my skin. I did however purchase an acid toner on sale for Black Friday weekend,which I will talk about soon, that I feel, as far as I’ve used it, isn’t completely useless.

Next up comes treatment – the La Roche Posay Rosaliac AR intense which I apply on my nose and cheeks and a bit on my forehead. It has bit of a scent to it. I think what may have caused my redness is my past love for coffee scrubs and no SPF knowledge. I just want my redness to go away and be able to wear blush and red lipstick because right now if I apply blush it’s like I went all over my face with it. Of course there’s always CC creams and concealer but why not try to heal my skin? I’m almost running out now and as far as I’ve used it it does seem that my redness is less visible/ my skin less aggravated. It takes time people.

The Aqualia Thermal Baume Eveil Regard is my first eye cream ever, I have to say, shamefully. I use it day and night dabbing it carefully and going in circles with it around the eyes. Also, I’ve recently came across this video about the fact that using micellar water on your eyes might cause the skin to dry out. It would make sense, so after removing my eye makeup I do rinse them with plain water. You know, just in case.


My Avene moisturizer is probably the first skin care product I have bought. I like the texture, the smell, the SPF, the price.

First ever, newly purchased face oil – L’Oreal Paris Nutri Gold Extraordinary. It may not be my most desired Clarins Huille de Lotus but for a budget face oil I like it. It’s 40 Ron right now at eMAG (that’s where I got it – I have not seen it anywhere else) and I love that it smells like an Italian garden. It says it contains 8 essential oils which sounds great to me. I use it in the evening to massage my face and also add it to my Avene moisturizer before applying foundation in the morning, just a couple of drops. It makes it smell heavenly. Plus it’s great for this harsh weather to have this extra layer to protect the skin.

Now, I know this is a budget skin care, but it’s the one I can afford now and I’m happy to have it.